Saturday, April 2, 2011

Who will be the number one pick in 2011 NFL Draft? Cam Newton Edition

Case For and Against Cam Newton (QB, Auburn)

Cam Newton, QB, Auburn - 44%


New regimes mean new quarterbacks. The Panthers have absolutely nothing at the quarterback position, and Ron Rivera will be looking for his guy.

Cam Newton is a great leader. He has "it" - something that Jimmy Clausen lacks. Carolina is currently a lost team with no sense of direction. Drafting Newton could fix that.

Never doubt the great Adam Schefter. Following the Combine, Schefter said on SportsCenter: "It would not surprise me one bit if in the end, ultimately, Carolina decides to go quarterback. We've seen this movie before. I have a sense of where this is going."

Panthers beat writer Darin Gantt believes Newton will be the No. 1 pick:

"I think they were so set on Andrew Luck coming out, they're not going to wait. They need a quarterback."

Gil Brandt believes the Panthers should draft Newton.

"It would shock me if he’s not the first player picked," Brandt said. "If I was drafting and I had Carolina's pick, I'd feel really good about who I was getting as far as ability."

Why not:

Cam Newton has the physical talent. But does he have the mental ability to learn how to diagnose defenses and make multiple reads? Vince Young could never evolve into consistent NFL quarterback because he's a moron. Newton's not as dumb as Young, but he's not very bright either. After all, he told the NFL Network crew that he wants "to be consistency."

If Rivera doesn't think Newton is smart enough to progress, he can't take him with the top pick.



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  3. I think he will go #1. He's very talented for a young guy.

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  10. You'd think he'd learn this from reading about himself on the internet